Wine Barrels

American Oak Barrels
Coopered in Louisville, Kentucky

We are committed to working with winemakers to deliver exactly the barrel you want. This commitment is evident in our attention to detail. We are always interested in trying new techniques or materials at winemakers’ requests. We are also always interested in receiving feedback on our barrels’ performance.

We select the finest, tight-grain, slow growth American oak (Quercus Alba) from Central Kentucky, Southwest Kentucky and Minnesota. The oak is air-dried in Kentucky for at least two years and exposed to both winter and summer weather. Our barrels are bent and toasted over oak fires to customers’ specifications using traditional methods. Our slow toast penetrates deeply without blistering or scorching allowing the barrel to impart subtle oak overtones.

The heads are assembled using wooden dowels in the old Cognac style. Barrels are available with or without toasted heads. Six galvanized hoops are fitted to maintain maximum structural integrity. Consistent with our commitment to quality, rigorous quality control inspections are conducted at every step of the process from wood selection to air and water testing of the finished barrel.

For questions regarding the care and maintenance of your Kelvin barrels, please contact us at or click here to find barrel maintenance information.