Barrel Prep

New barrel preparation for immediate use

Method One:

  1. Fill the barrel with 20 gallons of cold water and leave barrel to stand on one head for 12 hours.
  2. Flip barrel onto other head and let stand for 12 hours.
  3. Empty the barrel, then rinse once with fresh water and allow to drain completely.

Method Two:

  1. Fill the barrel with 5 gallons of hot water over 175°F and tighten the bung in place.
  2. With the barrel standing on end, rotate the barrel on its head a minimum of two complete rotations. Flip barrel and repeat on other head.
  3. Place the barrel horizontally on its bilge and rock from side to side while slowly rotating the barrel to get complete coverage with hot water. Continue rocking & rotation motion for four complete barrel revolutions.
  4. Remove the bung and allow barrel to drain completely.

For extended storage of new barrels

  1. Unless off-aromas are detected in packaging material leave the barrel wrapped in its plastic and cardboard.
  2. Optimal barrel storage occurs under the following conditions:
    • Storage environment with 70-80% humidity.
    • Limited UV exposure, i.e. low light conditions.
    • Relatively still environment, i.e. no moving air currents.